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Research & Development
Research and Development
Research and Development
Contract Research :
MRD LifeSciencesTM provides all-in-one solution to facilitate the research projects related to life sciences on contract basis. We have on-going live research assignments in collaborations with reputed institutional organizations and corporate clients. To complete the project within time period with accuracy and précised, MRD LifeSciencesTM provides work station with well sophisticated equipments, highly standardized protocols and much experienced research scientists, research associates & technical associates.

MRD LifeSciencesTM is a private limited company whose dedication to providing outstanding life science research is fuelled by an unrivalled commitment to quality. Our distinct combination of expertise and insight delivers results in every phase of life science research. We share the same level of involvement, commitment and passion as our clients- a dedication to collaboration that delivers life saving products with more efficacy and greater speed.

Despite extensive planning, unexpected problems or resource demands occur during your projects which need to be managed quickly and efficiently. We are there to support you in any way possible. Our service package will be customized to meet your needs, and can be adjusted along the way as your project changes.

We are here to help your project when you need it the most, providing the flexibility and quality required for success. We get things done. We specialize in customizing our services to your exact needs.

MRD LifeSciencesTM focus on some high demand areas in life sciences such as genomics, proteomics and other related life sciences field.

Research and Development
Genomics :
For genomic studies, MRD LifeSciencesTM provides a complete solution for extraction, optimization of extraction protocols with different samples, purification, quantification, digestion, separation, manipulation, ligation, transformation and expression of gene/gene part or whole genome as per need of the international scenario. To study the expression of a specific trait on gene level to study cellular/environmental factors involved in its regulation, under expression/over expression at DNA/mRNA level, gene silencing in its regular practice. MRD LifeScienceTM provides all-in-one platform for liquid handling at the same place to complete the project/dissertation work in timely fashion.
Research and Development
Proteomics :
For proteomics studies, MRD LifeScienceTM provides a complete solution for extraction, purification and analysis of various proteins, enzymes, antigens and antibodies. For analysis of expression pattern of genes at translational level, to study the interaction between proteins, antigen-antibody interaction, enzyme expression, inhibition, MRD LifeScienceTM provides all kinds of facilities, with well experienced research scientists to perform the experiments with highly standardized protocols.
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Products & Services
Products :
Molecular Biology Products and Kits.
Health care Products.
Liquid handling reagents and research grade chemicals.
Services :
MRD LifeSciencesTM provides Consultancy services, Project writing, Experimental designing and Report writing for Academics/ Industries.
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